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STILLEN in the past was known for doing some epic car shows/meets. It’s been over 5 years since the last time they hosted an event, they felt now was a good time to bring back that tradition and since it had been a while since STILLEN had hosted an event they wanted to start with something small and more focused on the community.

It was decided to host a BBQ (Car-B-Que) on a Thursday night to give the local community a place to come and hang out with other enthusiasts and have some food. Originally expecting 50-100 people to come, but the turnout was much larger than that. Over 350 cars showed up and over 400 people. It was incredible to see such support and engagement from the local community on a weeknight of all times. Please enjoy some of the photos from the event.

New Continental GT Speed Black Edition

Bentley invited customers to an exclusive event in New York to celebrate the launch of Continental GT Speed Black Edition. Black Edition is shown here in Sequin Blue paint and St. James Red bodykit.

Pinup Pole Show

Pin up girls, 50's cars, and live rockabilly music, followed by pole dancers in a retro-burlesque show. That's the Pinup Pole Show . The car show starts in the afternoon, with pinup models posing for photos with the cars and live rockabilly music by The Centuries . As the sun sets, everyone heads in the Federal Bar for the 70 minute burlessque show headlined by host Tonya Kay and starring bombshell pole dancers & retro-burlesque headliners.

These photos are from their show at the Federal Bar in North Hollywood, CA.

There's over 100 more photos in the Pinup Pole Show Gallery .

For info on the next show, check out: Pinup Pole Show .

Wasteland World Car Show

At Wasteland World Car Show, believed by its organizers to be the first event of its kind, the focus is on post-apocalyptic rides. These are the same event organizers that put on the huge upcoming annual multi-day Mojave Desert gathering of post-apocalytic madness called Wasteland Weekend . Unlike that one, the Wasteland World Car Show is a much smaller event held in "population" (better known to everyone as Torrance, CA). A car show and after party, all Mad Max style. Check out these photos of the car show taken by Shane Lopes .