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Quick round up of some funny and odd car pics from the web.

Gymkhana EIGHT

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Mondays. Even the daily drivers deserve to be clean.

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Supercar Sunday 02/21/16

Photos by Torquemob Photography

Just another perfect Southern Californa morning.

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The London Classic Car Show 2016

As The London Classic Car Show opens this year, the teams from France, Gemany, Italy, Japan, USA, and the UK were assembled to battle the question: Which of these six countries is the best car making nation?

Eat My Dust (1976)

Darlene's into going fast, Hoover's into Darlene, but when they both get into a red-hot race car, the reckless fun accelerates into a trunk-full of hot pursuits.

Classic Car Show 2016 London

Road to Autofest

Project-Definition and Outcast Garage presents a short documentary of two car enthusiasts on their road to one of the largest car shows in Southern California, Extreme AutoFest.

I always believed that one day my love for cars will merge with my passion as a filmmaker. As a car enthusiast, there is more to it than just modifying a vehicle. It’s all about the community and the experiences made through the journey of building a dream car.

From Spring all the way up to early Fall, car season brings out vehicles that were made from true car enthusiasts. All of them wanting to prove, not only to the crowd, but to themselves that their hard work and dedication won’t go unnoticed. From competition, breeds rivalry. However, everlasting friendships are made with individuals that are fueled through their passion of cars.

Road to Autofest is a film made by car enthusiasts for car enthusiasts. I plan to reach out to a wider audience by looking deep into these individuals as they try to achieve their goal. The humanity behind their relation with people as well with their cars.


Andrew Linga

AC x PD | The Hakotora

One of the rarest cars to grace the USA. This thing is amazing from front to end. I first saw this car on social media over the SEMA coverage then onto the Jay Leno's Garage show. I was both intrigued and at awe that a car, or truck rather, was made to be. A hybrid of a skyline and a Datsun Sunny Pickup (which in itself is RARE) was beautifully made by Dom and his team. It attracted tons of attention and rightfully so. I am honored again by the grace of AutoCon to shoot such an amazing piece of art.

Production Notes
100% shot on the Panasonic G7. What an amazing camera. I put this piece of equipment to the test today and it did not disappoint. From slider, to handheld, to gimbal, it maintained great image quality throughout the whole shoot. Also, the Cinevate Duzi V3 was buttery smooth! Hands down the best slider I've used to date. DJI Ronin performed admirably as expected and the combination with the G7 and the kit lens really performed wonders.

We spent the early part of the day covering the details as the sun was way up in the air and then started doing the rolling shots as golden hour approached. I've never been to that part of Orange County CA so I was glad to get out of Downtown LA for this particular shoot. Our team was also great as it was small. It's always great not having to see a sea of people running around like in other larger shoots.

Andrew Linga - Director/DP/Camera Operator
William Nestlehutt - Camera Operator
Cory Mader - Driver


Monster Energy athlete Ken Block and new partner, Toyo Tires, announce: The release date of Gymkhana Eight along with an exclusive livery reveal video.

For 2016, Ken Block is proud to announce a brand new, multi-year partnership with Toyo Tires. The debut with the Monster athlete and Hoonigan Racing Division will be seen in just one week when the latest installment in Block’s 350+ million-view Gymkhana viral video franchise, Gymkhana EIGHT drops on the Ford Performance YouTube channel, February 29th at 9 PM PST.

“I’m stoked to have Toyo Tires joining me in my ongoing quest to kill as many tires as possible,” said Block. “It’s an exciting partnership for me because I feel like everyone at Toyo Tires understands my mission to be competitive on-track, but to be able to take these amazing racecars and have fun with them off track—which for myself means smoky, sideways driving doing Gymkhana.”

To help introduce the new relationship to the automotive world, as well as debut Block’s all-new Ford Fiesta ST RX43 Gymkhana EIGHT livery, Toyo Tires has partnered with Hoonigan to produce and present Block’s livery reveal video. For Gymkhana EIGHT, Block and his team have created a highly unique, directionally reflective, black-on-black livery that changes looks depending on the angle at which it’s viewed, as well as how light is hitting it. The video serves to give fans their first official glimpse of Block’s Fiesta in Gymkhana EIGHT trim and how it changes looks in the light, but also their first official look of Block’s car equipped with Toyo tires.

“Gymkhana EIGHT is definitely one of my favorite projects that we’ve done so far,” said Block. “Part of what made the process so enjoyable for me was running on the Toyo Proxes R1R which provided good tire smoke, but really good mid-slide feel. They broke away very predictably and allowed me to pull off some pretty tricky maneuvers with confidence. I’m really looking forward to working on future product with Toyo Tires that’s built even more specifically for Gymkhana, but the off-the-shelf Proxes R1R performed awesome for this project.”

Ken Block’s Gymkhana EIGHT drops on February 29th, be sure to tune in and watch Block smoke out with his smoldering Toyo tires.

Monster Girls

Here's something to make Monday more merrier, the Monster Girls.

Toyo Tires x Super Street Calendar Lunch & Car Meet

Toyo Tires and Super Street teamed up for a lunch and meet at Bohen Autohaus facility in Costa Mesa, CA

Thanks to Ayrton Cinco and Dub Empire for the photos!