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AC x PD | The Hakotora

One of the rarest cars to grace the USA. This thing is amazing from front to end. I first saw this car on social media over the SEMA coverage then onto the Jay Leno's Garage show. I was both intrigued and at awe that a car, or truck rather, was made to be. A hybrid of a skyline and a Datsun Sunny Pickup (which in itself is RARE) was beautifully made by Dom and his team. It attracted tons of attention and rightfully so. I am honored again by the grace of AutoCon to shoot such an amazing piece of art.

Production Notes
100% shot on the Panasonic G7. What an amazing camera. I put this piece of equipment to the test today and it did not disappoint. From slider, to handheld, to gimbal, it maintained great image quality throughout the whole shoot. Also, the Cinevate Duzi V3 was buttery smooth! Hands down the best slider I've used to date. DJI Ronin performed admirably as expected and the combination with the G7 and the kit lens really performed wonders.

We spent the early part of the day covering the details as the sun was way up in the air and then started doing the rolling shots as golden hour approached. I've never been to that part of Orange County CA so I was glad to get out of Downtown LA for this particular shoot. Our team was also great as it was small. It's always great not having to see a sea of people running around like in other larger shoots.

Andrew Linga - Director/DP/Camera Operator
William Nestlehutt - Camera Operator
Cory Mader - Driver

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