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Road to Autofest

Project-Definition and Outcast Garage presents a short documentary of two car enthusiasts on their road to one of the largest car shows in Southern California, Extreme AutoFest.

I always believed that one day my love for cars will merge with my passion as a filmmaker. As a car enthusiast, there is more to it than just modifying a vehicle. It’s all about the community and the experiences made through the journey of building a dream car.

From Spring all the way up to early Fall, car season brings out vehicles that were made from true car enthusiasts. All of them wanting to prove, not only to the crowd, but to themselves that their hard work and dedication won’t go unnoticed. From competition, breeds rivalry. However, everlasting friendships are made with individuals that are fueled through their passion of cars.

Road to Autofest is a film made by car enthusiasts for car enthusiasts. I plan to reach out to a wider audience by looking deep into these individuals as they try to achieve their goal. The humanity behind their relation with people as well with their cars.


Andrew Linga

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