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New Bumble-Bee

The latest tease from Transformers: The Last Knight shows off a new look for Bumblebee, the yellow Autobot who can never seem to find his voice in the films. Fans of the classic VW Bumblebee might not like it, though, as the character’s look makes him even more modern than he was in the previous movies. The new car being used for Bumblebee in the fifth Transformers film. A custom-built 2016 Chevy Camaro, the car updates the character’s vehicle-mode look from the incarnations shown in the previous movies. The new look is the biggest departure from the look that was established in Bay’s first Transformers film to date, with the custom Camaro eliminating a number of the previous cars’ hard lines and giving it an overall smoother and more futuristic look.

While fans of the old Transformers cartoons would likely have preferred Bumblebee to become a VW Beetle like his classic incarnation, that was unlikely to happen with the director and producers who made him into a Camaro in the first place. It’s unlikely that we’ll see Bumblebee as a Bug anytime soon, unless the franchise gets rebooted at some point or the classic look is included in the Bumblebee spinoff as an Easter egg. Until then, fans will have to make due with the new Bumblebee

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