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The Driver (1978)

This a pretty bad ass car movie. A hot rodded Chevy pickup chasing down a Trans-Am. For a good 20 or so minutes, through the streets of downtown Los Angeles and inside and out of some wharehouses. This movie was released back in 1978, so no CGI nonsense, real driving, real stunts, cameras mounted inside the vehicles giving some sweet views of the chase. A really violent wreck at the end of the chase too. There's also a couple other great chases earlier in the film.

Directed by Walter Hill, who is best known for his bad ass gang movie, the cult classic The Warriors, and staring Ryan O'Neal and Bruce Derns. The Driver is stylish crime thriller about a detective setting up a scheme to catch the uncatchable getaway driver. Kind of a ridiculous plot, but this is a style-over-substance movie. Good acting all around, except for the female lead (she couldn't act cold if you locked her in a feezer). And since this was made in the late '70s, it's filled with all 60's and '70's vehicles.

The movie does suffer from the usual continuity issues that plague most car movies. In the opening chase scene, the trunk lid on the first getaway car dissappears and reappears a few times, and the Chevy truck has a floor shifter in some shots and then a column shifter others. That's some minor nitpicking though.

You can get The Driver on DVD for under $7 on Amazon .

Head over to The Driver - Screencap Gallery to see a bunch more stills from the movie.



  1. Great chase scenes, also loosely the basis for the Driver video game series a lot of us grew up playing.

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